1. Essential 5 items
    1. Videojournalism: multimedia storytelling - Kenneth Kobre

      Book Essential Although aimed at video journalism, the chapters on storytelling and audio & pictures are really good. And there are lots of examples of work, which you can click through from the online text.

    2. Reality radio: telling true stories in sound - John Biewen, Alexa Dilworth c2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Recommended: 'Harnessing Luck as an Industrial Product' by Ira Glass p 54 – 66 'Cigarettes and Dance Steps' by Alan Hall pp 96 – 107

    3. Digital Storytelling: A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment - Carolyn Handler Miller

      Book Further Takes a more theoretical approach, and explores the many meanings of 'digital', especially from an interactive and non-linear perspective. Very readable and useful.

    4. More than a music box: radio cultures and communities in a multi-media world - Andrew Crisell 2004

      Book Essential Chapter 10 'Reality Radio: the Documentary' by David Hendy

    5. Radio in context - Guy Starkey 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Chapter 'Documentaries'

  2. Further 7 items
    1. The sound handbook - Tim Crook 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Chapter Three: 'Sound Practice and Theory in Radio' pp 120 – 157

    2. Understanding radio - Andrew Crisell, NetLibrary, Inc 1994 (electronic resource)

      Book Further Chapter Three: 'Radio Signs and Codes'

    3. Radio drama: theory and practice - Tim Crook, NetLibrary, Inc 1999 (electronic resource)

      Book Further ‘Constructing the Radio Drama/Documentary Feature’, pp. 201-234.

    4. Radio in the global age - David Hendy 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book  Chapter: Production, pp 73 - 78