1. Essential 4 items
    1. Radio in the digital age - Andrew Dubber 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Please read: ‘The Sound of Music’ pp 74 - 100

    2. Managing radio - Brian Lister, Caroline Mitchell, Tony O'Shea, University of Sunderland c2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Please read pp 160 – 169

    3. Radio in context - Guy Starkey 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Chapter on Music Radio and Music Scheduling.

  2. Further 14 items
    1. Understanding radio - Andrew Crisell, NetLibrary, Inc 1994 (electronic resource)

      Book Further Chapter 4: Talk and Music Radio

    2. Radio reader: essays in the cultural history of radio - Michele Hilmes, Jason Loviglio 2002

      Book  Rothenbuhler & McCourt ‘Radio Redefines Itself’

    3. The radio handbook - Carole Fleming 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    4. A guide to commercial radio journalism - Linda Gage 1999

      Book Further

    5. Essential radio skills: how to present and produce a radio show - Peter Stewart 2006

      Book Further

    6. Speech, music, sound - Theo Van Leeuwen 1999


    7. Perfecting sound forever: the story of recorded music - Greg Milner 2009


    8. Music, electronic media, and culture - Simon Emmerson 2000


    9. Audio culture: readings in modern music - Christoph Cox, Daniel Warner 2005


    10. Sound media: from live journalism to music recording - Lars Nyre 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book  Three sections, with audio illustrations (digital version only): Theoretical Introduction; The Present Time; Backwards History

    11. Radio in the global age - David Hendy 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book  References to music radio throughout but especially in Chapter Two: Formats; Chapter Three: Audiences; Chapter Four: Meanings Chapter Five: Culture

    12. The SAGE handbook of popular music 2014

      Book  Sections on: Theory and Methods; Business and Popular Music; Popular Music History; Global and the Local; The Star System; Body and Identity; The Media; Technology; Digital Economies

  3. Biography 5 items
    1. Tracks of my years - Ken Bruce 2013


    2. Memoirs of a fruitcake: the wilderness years - Chris Evans 2011


    3. The nation's favourite: the true adventures of Radio 1 - Simon Garfield 1999, c1998

      Book Further

    4. Love you bye: my story - Scott Mills 2013