1. Essential Reading 9 items
    1. Thinking Chinese translation: a course in translation method : Chinese to English - Valerie Pellatt, Eric Liu 2010

      Book Essential This book is excellent and creates a comprehensive framework to think about the general issues which need to be addressed by anyone who wants to successfully translate from English to Chinese. It is not, like many of the books at present available, especially those available in China, a prescriptive list of dos and don’ts. It is also unusual in that Valarie Pellat is a native English speaker and so brings a greater naturalness and idiomatic accuracy to her translations.

    2. Cultural Presuppositions and Misreadings - Ke Ping

      Document Essential This paper explains how cultural presuppositions which are ‘the underlying assumptions, beliefs, and ideas [that ]are culturally rooted, widespread, but rarely if ever described because they seem so basic and obvious’ if not explicitly acknowledged will lead to mistakes and misunderstandings in the translation process. Ke Ping is looking at the cultural presuppositons that relate to Chinese culture.

    3. Introducing a Chinese Perspective on Translation Shifts: Introducing a Chinese Perspective on Translation Shifts: The Translator: Vol 15, No 2 - Zhang M., Pan L.

      Webpage Essential This provides very useful alternative to Vinay and Darbelnet schema. Loh’schema is specifically focusing on what happens in translation between Chinese and English. Vinay and Darbelnet’s is very Eurocentric and can feel as if it does not properly answer the question of how to describe the changes that occur when translating two very different languages This is a special edition of The Translator dealing with issues relating to China and translation.

    4. Factors Influencing the Process of Translation - Dongfeng Wong, Dan Shen

      Article Essential This is a good overview of the various factors which all will effect your ability to translate between English and Chinese.

    5. The translator's guide to Chinglish - Joan Pinkham, Jiang Guihua 2000

      Book Essential If you have chance to buy this book, do. As part of this course we will be looking at how to revise your translations and this book provides hundreds of examples of how translating out Chinese into English can produce a strange hybrid language which is neither Chinese or English. The author explains how to rectify the problems.

    6. Translating Chinese culture: the process of Chinese-English translation - Valerie Pellatt, Eric Liu, Yalta Ya-Yun Chen 2014

      Book Essential This is also an excellent book. It deals with specific topic areas which relate to Chinese culture e.g Calligraphy and painting. It also deals with literary translation such as poetry translation.

    7. Cultural Differences in Translation - Chen Hongwei

      Document Essential If you only read one article on this reading list, read this. It is very useful overview of many of the issues that we will deal with in our discussions in class. In order to understand the problems that you will face in translating between Chinese and English, it is important to have some ideas about how and why the languages are different.

    8. A textbook of translation - Peter Newmark 1988

      Book Essential

  2. Further Reading 21 items
    1. Teaching and testing interpreting and translating - Shao-Chuan Wu, Valerie Pellatt, Kate Griffiths 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    2. Routledge encyclopedia of translation studies - Mona Baker, Gabriela Saldanha 2011

      Book Further

    3. An encyclopaedia of translation: Chinese-English, English-Chinese - Sin-wai Chan, David E. Pollard c1995

      Book Further This is a large collection of articles relating to translation theory and practice. It is particularly useful as it is explicitly related to Chinese, which many of the texts written in English are not.

    4. In other words: a coursebook on translation - Mona Baker 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    5. Translation studies - Susan Bassnett 2002 (electronic resource)

      Book Further

    6. Legal translation in context: professional issues and prospects - Anabel Borja Albi, Fernando Prieto Ramos 2013


    7. Transitions: thinking translation from English - Stella Cragie, Ann Pattison 2018


    8. Asian translation traditions - Eva Hung, Judy Wakabayashi 2005


    9. About translation - Peter Newmark, NetLibrary, Inc c1991 (electronic resource)


    10. The translator's handbook - Rachel Owens 1996


    11. Key terms in translation studies - Giuseppe Palumbo 2009 (electronic resource)


    12. A practical guide for translators - Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown c2010


    13. Phraseology in Legal and Institutional Settings - Gianluca Go?d?-Roszkowski, Stanislaw;Pontrandolfo


    14. The Penguin guide to punctuation - R. L. Trask 1997


    15. Translating for the European Union institutions - Emma Wagner, Svend Bech, Jesús M. Martínez 2012


  3. Suggested Websites 2 items