1. critical reading seminar papers 2 items
    you need to read both these papers before the 19th of October
  2. digestion and absorption 2 items
  3. the derivation and use of Nutrient Intake Values (dietary reference intakes DRVs) 4 items
    1. Suzanne Murphy use of dietary intake values

      Document Essential this is an important critique of the use of Dietary Intake Values

    2. Using the Dietary Reference Intakes to Assess Intakes of Groups: Pitfalls to Avoid - Suzanne P. Murphy, Patricia M. Guenther, Mary J. Kretsch 10/2006


    3. Nutrient Intake Values (NIVs): A Recommended Terminology and Framework for the Derivation of Values - Janet C. King, Hester H. Vorster, Daniel G. Tome 03/2007

      Article  useful if you get confused about DRV's and NIVs!

  4. energy requirements and Physical Activity Levels 2 items
  5. fats and carbohydrates 1 item
  6. protein requirements and protein quality 3 items
    1. Identifying recommended dietary allowances for protein and amino acids: a critique of the 2007 WHO/FAO/UNU report - D. Joe Millward

      Article Essential this is a good piece of reading critiquing the latest WHO protein requirements

  7. Vitamin A 1 item
  8. iodine 0 items
  9. calcium and Vitamin D 3 items
    1. Calcium intake and bone mineral density: systematic review and meta-analysis - Vicky Tai, William Leung, Andrew Grey, Ian R Reid 29/09/2015


    2. Calcium intake and risk of fracture: systematic review - Mark J Bolland, William Leung, Vicky Tai, Sonja Bastin 29/09/2015


  10. iron 1 item
  11. Human nutrition - Catherine Geissler, Hilary J. Powers c2011


  12. NHANES and lifestyle in diabetics

    Document Essential you need this paper for the critical reading seminar

  13. FINGER trial on cognitive decline

    Document Essential this is essential reading for the critical reading seminar