1. Essential reading- general 16 items
    1. Archipelago tourism: policies and practices 2015


    2. Tourism in archipelagos - Esteban Bardolet, Pauline J. Sheldon 10/2008

      Article Essential

    3. Sustainable tourism in island destinations - Sonya Graci, Rachel Dodds c2010

      Book Essential

    4. Economic and Social Development of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries - Rym Ayadi, Marek Dabrowski, Luc De Wulf, SpringerLink (Online service) 2015 (electronic resource)


    5. Cultures of Mass Tourism: Doing the Mediterranean in the Age of Banal Mobilities - Pau Obrador Pons, Mike Crang, Penny Travlou 2009 (electronic resource)


    6. Island tourism: sustainable perspectives - Jack Carlsen, Richard Butler c2011

      Book Essential please read the following section of this book: Ruggieri, G. (2011) Tourism in Mediterranean Islands: a Comparative Analysis.

    7. Europe at the seaside: the economic history of mass tourism in the Mediterranean - Luciano Segreto, Carles Manera, Manfred Pohl 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Physical copies of this book are also available in the library

    8. Managing coastal tourism resorts: a global perspective - Sheela Agarwal, Gareth Shaw c2007 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    9. Rethinking Mass Tourism - V. Vainikka 01/12/2013

      Article Essential

  2. Essential reading (Malta and Gozo) 33 items
    1. Maltese responses to tourism - Bill Bramwell 2003-7

      Article Essential

    2. Managing coastal tourism resorts: a global perspective - Sheela Agarwal, Gareth Shaw c2007 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Please read the following from this book: Bramwell, B (2007) Complexity Interdisciplinarity and Growth Management: The Case of Maltese Resort Tourism

    3. Sustainable tourism in rural Europe: approaches to development - Donald V. L. Macleod, Steven A. Gillespie 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Please read the following from this book: Chaperon, S and Bramwell, B (2010) Views About the Scale and Types of Tourism Development in the Rural Periphery: The Case of Gozo,

    4. Dependency and agency in peripheral tourism development - Samantha Chaperon, Bill Bramwell 2013-1

      Article Essential

    5. Archipelago tourism: policies and practices 2015

      Book Essential please read the following from this book: Chaperon, S. and Theuma, N. (2015) The Malta-Gozo-Comino Story.

    6. Valletta - David Chapman, Godwin Cassar 10/2004

      Article Essential

    7. Malta's Tourism Policy: Standing Still or Advancing Towards Sustainability? - Dodds, R

      Article Essential Dodds, R (2007b) Malta’s Tourism Policy: Standing Still or Advancing Towards Sustainability? Island Studies Journal 2(1) 47-66

    8. Repositioning Malta as a cultural heritage destination - Emilio Foxell, Aloisia de Trafford 07/06/2010

      Article Essential

    9. Images and writing in tourist brochures - Sabrina Francesconi 12/2011

      Article Essential

    10. Ambivalent Europeans: ritual, memory, and the public sphere in Malta - Jon P. Mitchell 2002

      Book Essential

    11. City tourism: national capital perspectives - Robert Maitland, Brent W. Ritchie c2009

      Book Essential please read the following from this book: Smith, A (2009) The relationship between capital city monumentality and tourism

    12. Coastal mass tourism: diversification and sustainable development in southern Europe - Bill Bramwell, NetLibrary, Inc c2004 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Please read the following from this book: Theuma, N (2004) Tourism, Culture and Cultural Tourism in Malta.

    13. Tourism in the new Europe: the challenges & opportunities of EU enlargement - Derek R. Hall, Melanie K. Smith, Barbara Marciszewska 2006

      Book Essential Please read the following section from this book: Theuma, N (2006) Malta: Re-imaging the Mediterranean Destination.

    14. Aviation and tourism: implications for leisure travel - Anne Graham, Andreas Papatheodorou, P. Forsyth 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential please read the following section of this book: Zammit, J (2008) From a national airline to an EU leisure based carrier

    15. Cultural tourism - Razaq Raj, Kevin Griffin, Nigel D. Morpeth c2013

      Book Essential please read the following section of this book: Zammit, V (2013). Urban regeneration and culture: Maltese example.

  3. Internet sites 4 items
  4. Further Reading 1 item
    1. Please use library search to look for the following further readings 


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  5. Mass tourism in a small world: Chapter 18: From Blue to Grey? - Gregory J. Ashworth, John E. Tunbridge, David Harrison, Richard Sharpley


  6. Cultures of Mass Tourism: Doing the Mediterranean in the Age of Banal Mobilities - Pau Obrador Pons, Mike Crang, Penny Travlou 2009 (electronic resource)