1. Key Texts 4 items
    1. New documentary - Stella Bruzzi 2006 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    2. The documentary film book - Brian Winston, British Film Institute 2013

      Book Essential There are a number of useful articles reprinted in this book. Brian Winston's "Life as Narrativised' is digitalised here.

    3. Introduction to documentary - Bill Nichols 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

  2. chapters / articles 15 items
    Book chapters or journal articles available online
    1. Blurred boundaries: questions of meaning in contemporary culture - Bill Nichols c1994

      Book Essential Chapter 2 on Rodney King and Chapter 5 on performative documentary

    2. Beyond document: essays on nonfiction film - Charles Warren c1996

      Book Essential Lopate, P., ‘In Search of the Centaur: The Essay Film’ in Warren, C., (ed.) Beyond Document, Essays in Nonfiction Film, (University Press of New England, 1996) - pp. 243-270

    3. Marker changes trains.SANS SOLEIL 1984

      Article Essential An edited version of this article is available in McDonald, K., and Cousins, M., (eds.) (1996), Imagining Reality. London: Faber and Faber.

    4. Building bridges: the cinema of Jean Rouch - Joram Ten Brink 2007

      Book Essential Chapter 18

    5. For documentary: twelve essays - Dai Vaughan 1999

      Book Essential C.2 -The Space Between Shots

    6. New challenges for documentary - Alan Rosenthal, John Corner 2005

      Book  Calvin Prylock, 'Ultimately we are all Outsiders', pp. 194-208

    7. Imagining reality: the Faber book of the documentary - Kevin Macdonald, Mark Cousins 1996

      Book Further There are a number of useful articles reprinted in this book. Lindsay Anderson's 'Only Connect: Some aspects of the work of Humphrey Jennings' is digitalised here.

    8. Lies, damn lies and documentaries - Brian Winston 2000

      Book  Chapter 6, 'Ethics'

  3. Further reading 4 items
    Additional Indicative Reading List
    1. For documentary: twelve essays - Dai Vaughan 1999

      Book Further

  4. FIlms 2 items
    1. Cathy Come Home Sunday, 13 Nov 2016

      Audio-visual document  Cathy come home (1966) / produced by Tony Garnett ; written by Jeremy Sandford ; directed by Ken Loach. London

    2. Grizzly Man Thursday, 10 Sep 2009

      Audio-visual document